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FAQ: Welcome to our Membership System

  • November 05, 2016 10:24 AM
    Message # 4365838
    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    A few notes about our membership system
    • You need to log in and be an active member to sign up for trips, view the member directory, or post in the forums. To do this, click on the “Login” button on the upper right. See for information on how to solve some login problems.  Note that for families, each member needs to log in and register separately.

    • We highly encourage you to update your profile with, at the very least, your carpool neighborhood and emergency contact information. Double-checking your mailing address, preferred e-mail address, and privacy settings would also be a good idea.
    • If you want to contact another OOPS member but don't have their e-mail, log in, pull up the "Member Directory" under "Membership,” search for the name, click on it, and click "Send Message").

    • If your wet exit certification information is not properly recorded, please contact with the date of your certification, and who did the certification. Remember that you need to be wet-exit certified to go on any OOPS paddle.

    • There should be a discussion topic for each posted trip in the Trips forum (which you will find under the Community/Forums menu). You can subscribe to the forum, or individual topics in the forum, to keep up on conversation about your trip. See for more details

    • And about those forums. It doesn't seem possible to post pictures directly in messages.   Please see this FAQ on how to share your photos with other members.   You might also want to share your photos and experiences on our Facebook Page.

    • This website has two web addresses.  Most of the time you will see addresses starting with  But occasionally you might also see addresses with Don't worry, they both point to the same thing.
    • For a tour of the sorts of things you can do in our new membership system, please check out
    • Automated e-mails from the membership system come with a return e-mail address of, which goes to a random selection of the Board (so your e-mails don't just vanish in a vacuum).  To have your concern handled in a more timely manner, please e-mail it to the appropriate Board position (listed in either in most automated e-mails you get, or found under the "About/Contact Us" menu item on the website).
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