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Board of Director Responsibilities


  • Presides over and facilitates monthly board meetings
    • Manages debate in a fair and orderly manner
    • Puts to vote proposed motions
  • Attends monthly club meetings welcoming new members and guests
  • Promotes the club’s mission and goals to the membership on behalf of the board


  • Board director / attend monthly board meetings
  • Respond or forward emails sent to secretary@oopskayak.org
  • Work with President to develop board meeting agenda
  • Capture board meeting minutes, review with other directors, and publish on listsrv


1.   Board director / attend 1x month board meetings
2.   Respond to emails sent to membership@oopskayak.org

3.   Document the Membership processes

OOPS Website / Membership Content

4.   Updates the Membership sections of the OOPS website as needed (esp. Member Benefits page)
5.   OOPS New Member Welcome Email / Welcome Kit
6.   Membership Application Form Review/Update

7.   Review and archive member records after being lapsed six months or longer
8.   Manage and update automated renewal and membership ending notifications

Ongoing Membership Join / Renew

9.   Membership “Table” at monthly meetings 
10.   Gather membership applications and deposit member checks from the P.O. Box
11.   Make the WA updates to member records – Manual Join / Renew (requires WA Admin capability)

Google Groups / ListServ

12.   Add new members to the Listserv when they join OOPS
13.   Correct bounced emails (compare against WA membership list occasionally)

14.   Keep ListServ footer current
15.   Monitor posts and take corrective actions if needed.
16.   Respond to emails regarding listserv issues


17.   Approve new members to the Facebook group
18.  Monitor posts and take corrective actions if needed.

Membership Events

19.   Membership “Table” at Enticement Event
20.   Alder Creek Paddlefest / Next Adventure Demo Day


  1. Mobilize / motivate (by personal example & otherwise) all TO’s to:
    • propose day trips (all year long);
    • lead trips at Events;
    • share knowledge with participants on all their trips;
    • mentor provisional TO’s & new TO’s.
  2. Regarding every official OOPS trip:
    • Review trip proposals (using charts & website resources re: tides, currents, weather, etc.);
    • resolve questions (if any) with TO's;
    • post trips on Calendar (edit narrative -if needed- to ensure clarity & internal consistency), always identifying trip Level in trip title;
    • issue listserv notices  (communicating trip's unique beneficial aspects & noting any aspect of potential concern that might be  overlooked by self-assessing members );
    • Obtain & archive hard copy of the Combined Roster/Release for every trip & every class (both day & Event);
    • Maintain the clubs historic archive of Releases by year (as well as an archive of all TO’s paddler resumes);
    • Receive & review every post-trip report (save electronically);
    • Discharge duties of communication per AP if an incident occurs requiring notice to Ins Co.;
    • Ensure a substitute is available whenever Trip Coordinator will be out of communication / off-line for more than 24 hours.
  3. Regarding Activity Policies relevant to Trips:
    • Communicate with TO’s about Activity Policies & Bd’s approaches/interpretations as they (invariably) evolve. 
    • Ensure TO’s are uniformly interpreting & applying relevant Activity Policies.
    • Identify any relevant AP section requiring revision as a result of trip experiences - bring to Bd’s attention & address.
  4. Regarding Events:
    • Support Trip Tsars by identifying necessary number of trips per day (3 - 4) depending on maximum number of participants & thus identify  number of TO’s needed for entire Event;
    • Coordinate & authorize Trip Tsar’s acquisition of charts needed for a given Event venue;
    • For “salt water Events”**: coordinate timing of TO’s trip proposal submissions to Trip Tsar for initial review, so Tsar can forward trips to Trip Coordinator sufficiently in advance of Event to allow final posting on Calendar at least 1 week before Event begins.  
      • Because some Events involve as many as 16 trips, adequate lead time for submission to Trip Coordinator to allow posting is essential.
      • Posting trips 1 week in advance is to encourage participants to review trip options prior to arrival on site & to engage in their own assessment of routes, conditions, etc. so they can become active pod members (OOPS trips are not intended to be “guided trips”).
    • **salt water Events include those involving ocean venues and the Columbia River.  (In contrast, for Events at venues such as Waldo Lake & Lake Billy Chinook, advance posting of trips on the Calendar is not necessary.)
  5. Regarding TOT program:
    • Coordinate with & support TOT Instructors to assist with communication to potential TO trainees - the sessions are Calendared as classes, but registrants can be selected/invited in advance of opening registration to all members for personal paddler development.
    • Participate as needed/able in training sessions;
    • Either volunteer to act once as mentor for each provisional TO, or register for at least 1 of each provisional TO’s mentored trips - to develop personal knowledge of each new TO to enhance the specificity of the mentoring process.
    • Communicate to mentors and provisional (or returning) TO specific areas where the Board would like the provisional (or returning) TO improve their skills
    • Serve as a member of the TO Continuing Education Committee - to work with individual TO’s (new & experienced) to support each as needed & to address any unique issues / concerns they may have or the Bd may have about them.
    • Communicate Bd approval to each provisional TO before & after completion of their 3 mentored trips.  Communications are both congratulatory & encouraging, but also intended to emphasize critical Activity Policies relevant to TO’s.
    • Maintains a hard copy file of each newly-approved TO’s resume
  6. Respond to all member inquiries / requests for help or information - either directly or by serving as conduit to other more appropriate Bd members
  7. Bottom line:  Help create an environment that fosters the joy of paddling & thereby effectuates OOPS’ fundamental goals:
    • to ensure all TO’s & members have the necessary skills
    • to know they will be safe on the water (& thus relaxed & able)
    • to experience the maximum fun on every trip.


  • Initiates planning for events: venue, dates, reservations.
  • Recruits for each event - event manager, event trips person, event social person.
  • Promotes adherence to activity policy by ensuring the event manager and trips person consider size of trips, numbers of leaders, waivers, personal trip sign-outs, immersion protection, wet-exit abilities, pre-event trip plans, first aid requirements, and reporting incidents.
  • Assists event managers by checking in periodically, providing support materials and forms, and collaborating when necessary to modify or cancel events.
  • Communicates events issues to the Board, helping set events and other policy, and nominating a person to have trip approval authority who will attend an event.
  • With help as needed from webmaster or other “techie person,” creates registration forms, intermediary email accounts, shares registration spreadsheet with each event manager. Assists with people learning how to use registration spreadsheets. Posts or assists posting events to the website.


The Education Director for OOPS is responsible for arranging classes and instruction through OOPS and outside sources such as our sponsoring retailers.

Throughout the year, the director contacts instructors on the list of instructors found on the OOPS website and asks them (either individually or en masse) what classes they would be interested in offering to the members, then follows up with the instructors that indicate a willingness to offer classes.  The follow up can be as simple as acknowledging their willingness and asking when the class may be offered or it could include helping him/her get the class together or offering to assist with the instruction.  Keeping in contact with the instructors that are offering classes is important to the success of actually getting the classes on the calendar.

It is important for the director to ensure that any instructor offering to teach a class is qualified to teach the class.  This has, up to now, been no problem, but it’s a necessary step prior to accepting the class and posting it to the calendar.

The director can also check in with our sponsoring retailers (Alder Creek, Columbia River Kayaking, Next Adventure, Portland Kayak) to see if they are willing to offer classes specifically to OOPS members.  Examples from the past include FSRT through Alder Creek (taught by Paul Kuthe and Karl Anderson) and Core Power with Columbia River Kayaking.  These classes will normally cost the members some amount, but all members are eligible for at least a 20% reimbursement from the club upon completion of the class, which should be mentioned in the writeup for the membership regarding the class.

Once instructors or retailers give a date(s) for the class(es) they will teach, the director is responsible for posting the class on the OOPS calendar and — unless the instructor says s/he will be responsible for this — posting a writeup for the class to the OOPS listserv.  If the director does the writeup for the class, it should be passed by the instructor for accuracy and approval before being posted to the listserv.

The education director is, along with the treasurer, responsible for accepting or denying requests for reimbursement for classes taken by members.  To this end, it is important that the director be familiar with the requirements set out in the OOPS Reimbursement Guidelines. 

The director is also responsible for attending the monthly board meetings, which usually take place one week before to the General Meeting.  In the week prior to the board meeting, the director needs to submit any items to be presented at the board meeting to the club secretary for inclusion in the agenda, and then, at the meeting, present information pertaining to OOPS Education.

There are often issues, either new or ongoing, for the board to consider between board meetings that are usually dealt with via email (or at least have the beginnings of their board consideration via email between meetings).  The education director is expected to participate in these email discussions and give his/her opinions regarding the matter(s) in question when appropriate.

The education director may also be called upon to serve on committees for the board.


Manage all club money, report on money collected and spent, and create the annual budget


  1. Annually recommend Budget for first aid supplies
  2. Replenish first aid supplies including expired drugs. (Amazon)
  3. Purchase dry bags for FA kits to be distributed to new TO’s
  4. One FA kit for each new TO, courtesy of the club
  5. Purchase oops loops for distribution (Amazon)
  6. Manage purchase of CPR vouchers (current code is “oops0419”) Vendor is CPR-Lifeline
  7. Instruct members who wish to renew CPR/first aid to pay on Website (safety page,payPal button) and then provide receipt to you. You will then issue current code in return email
  8. After you update each member’s profile, after passing Wet Exit Certification, there is an email template for congratulatory remarks for each member receiving new certification. Be sure profile includes two areas of filled data. (1.group membership 2. Member details)
  9. Table at annual picnic or incentive event showcasing First Aid and oops loops
  10. Arrange for Safety boaters when requested to do so by our vendors. We have high visibility vests in our supply container.


  • Board director, attends monthly board meetings

  • Identifies, secures, prepares, introduces, and supports the monthly club meeting guest speaker(s)
  • Secures monthly meeting location (virtual and in person venues)
  • Promotes and manages registration for the monthly meetings via club listserv and calendar
  • Fields requests to attend meetings from non-club members and requests to present to the club


  • Assists with Board member transitions, educating new board members and connecting them to Board and club resources (e-mail, mailing lists, electronic document storage, administrative accounts, etc.)
  • Makes changes to the website as requested by other Board members
  • Maintains instructions for Board members who need to create events
  • Add educational content and resources to the OOPS website
  • Keep track of expenses needed to keep our domain and website
  • Assist the Treasurer with transferring payments made on the website to the club's bank account
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