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OOPS has an extensive collection of books and DVDs. You can browse and check out items once you register with Librarika, the cloud based library service used to catalog our collection.  The OOPS library is located at

How to collect checked-out items and return them:

  1. Pick them up from the Niemann-Ross front porch: 1804 SE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR. 503-778-0829
  2. Pick them up at the OOPS meeting once they resume in person. Must request book 2 days prior to meeting.
  3. Shipping:  Pay to have item(s) sent to you. The Librarian will let you know the cost and have you submit payment through PayPal.

Note:  When checking out an item, please make a comment in the note about how you would like to collect the it.

Return via any of the above ways. DO NOT return to the public library!


  • How do I just browse the library:  Before you can browse and check out books at at, you’ll need to sign up for an account with Librarika.   See below for instructions.
  • How many books can I check out? 5
  • How long can I keep them? 5 weeks
  • Can I keep them longer? Maybe – if no one else is requesting them
  • Can I contribute books to the library? Maybe, talk to the librarian

For More information

For more information please contact our librarian at

How to Sign Up with Librarika

Step 1:   Click on this link to take you to Librarika

Step 2:   You are now at the Librarika new user page.

  • DO NOT create a new library. 
  • Instead, click on “Sign Up”

Step 3:  Enter your name, your email address, and create a new password.

  • This should NOT be the password you use on the OOPS website or on other sites.

Step 4:  You’ll receive an email from Librarika

Step 5:  Click on the link in the email to verify your account. 

  • This will take you back to librarika and log you in.
  • Now you need to request access to the OOPS library. In the upper right corner is a shadow person. Click on the arrow and a menu will pop up. Click on my libraries

Step 6:  In the upper right corner of this new page, click on request member access...

Step 7:  ...that will open a dialog that asks for a library URL. Enter

  • then press Submit
  • … and your request will be submitted successfully!

Step 8:  now wait...Janell will add you to the library. When she does, you’ll receive another email letting you know you’re enrolled.

Click on that link to go to the library

Step 9:  You’ll be asked to log in...

Yay!   You now have access to the library at!

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