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We taught a techniques and introductory course to working in currents with 5 OOPS members last weekend at Deception Pass and had a blast!  All the participants came with GREAT foundational skills - edging, knowledge of strokes, and just generally good boat handling.  Thanks for your dedication to paddlers in our area - it was fun to work with them!    - Body Boat Blade


OOPS is proud to offer numerous ways to get good training (see below).  Most of these opportunities can be found using the calendar.  We also offer support for outside professional training, which you can find through our affiliated retailers and elsewhere.  Please contact our Education Coordinator for details.  If you wish training you do not see offered, please propose it using the process outlined below.

Want to contact our organizers and instructors?   If so, please visit this page.


  • OOPS requires that all participants be able to wet exit and assist in their own rescue.   Please review the Activity and Wet Exit policies on our documentation page
  • OOPS does not own any paddling equipment - all paddling gear must be provided by the participants.  Please check with our local retailers for rental packages.

Member-Taught Classes

Knot tying,  camping skills, greenland rolling, rescue practice, boat control...we have a tremendous amount of expertise within the club than can be accessed through member-taught classes.  Check the calendar for availability.

Member Pool Sessions

During the winter the club often sponsors pool sessions twice a month.  Come and work on your strokes, rescues, and rolls with other members and occasionally a volunteer OOPS instructor.

First Aid Training

There are different opportunities here, including purchasing discounted vouchers for updating your CPR/basic First Aid certification...

Professional Classes

OOPS is committed to developing the skills and safety of its members, and offers at 10% discount at our associated retailers.

Professional Class Reimbursements

Reimbursements are available for members who participate in outside training and kayak events, with substantial reimbursements available for members who lead trips and teach classes.   More information can be found on our documentation page.  Look for "Guidelines for Reimbursements for Classes Taken Outside of OOPS"

ACA Instructor Training

Experienced ACA Instructor-Trainers (who happen to be devoted members of the club) are passionate about increasing the instructor skills of the OOPS community.  They offer three-day programs (IDW and ICE as well as skills classes) to build skills, learn teaching techniques, and gain certification.  Highlights include video-recording analysis of your strokes and on-water teaching practice in group and one-on-one settings.   The best way to learn is to teach. 

OOPS Trip Organizer Training

Trip Organizers are a valued asset to our club!

If you want to become a Trip Organizer, please inform to let us know of your interest. Training includes completing classroom and on-the-water sessions and leading three or more mentored paddles. The Board will vote on your full TO status after completing these criteria and receiving a recommendation from the Trip Organizer Committee.

For more information about the Trip Organizer Training Process, please visit Organizer Training Process

How to Propose a Class

Instructors:  Go to the bottom of the Trips page and fill out the form as usual.
Everyone Else:

  • 'Float’ your class idea to the OOPS Listserve  (or e-mail and see if you can generate enough interest to attract at least 5 or 6 participants.
  • Contact and share your class idea. If the class is doable, the Education Director will assist in recruiting an instructor.
  • When an instructor agrees to do the class, and puts it on the calendar, you, the class proposer, will serve as “Class Initiator,” and can help with all the logistical details like arranging car pools, meals, etc.
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