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Photo Submission Guidelines

Good candidates for the website - a philosophy

Promote the location!!  Show viewers what is special about a location, or about OOPS.  Show someone why they want to drive 2, 5, or 10 hours to paddle when there is open water closer to home.  For example, give us pictures that show some of the unique and compelling features of Waldo Lake, Yale Lake, or Vancouver Lake.  Likewise, put your paddlers in the location:  a picture of smiling paddlers in front of a sea stack or a pod of whales is much more interesting than one of smiling paddlers in front of an anonymous location that is mostly sky.

To most easily use your images on the website, we have a few requests

  • Please submit only your best images to, and limit each submission to at most 5 images
    • If you need help figuring out how to do this, please click here or e-mail us.
  • Each image should be:
    • Suitable for all audiences
    • Provided in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats only.
    • The image directly from the camera is preferred
    • Accompanied by a brief caption (one to two lines, less than 8 words per line) and credit information (again, under 8 words). You are also welcome to include a URL to your personal website that users will visit if they click on your credit information. Remember, the more caption and credit information you provide, the more it will cover up your image
      • Note:   As of December 21, 2018 the OOPS website software does not allow captions.  We'll bring them back when it allows
  • All images should be owned by you and provided to OOPS under a license that allows us to present them on the website free-of-charge but with attribution.
  • You are welcome to suggest what album the image should be placed under, or suggest a new album
  • Links to albums/travelogs on other websites are also welcome (Flickr, 500px, SmugMug, etc.). The photo editor will try to place them appropriately.


  • If you see a picture of yourself on this website that you do not like, please let know and we will remove you from the photo/take the image down.
  • Which images are posted, and where, is at the sole discretion of the photo editor, based on the "vibe" he/she wishes to generated from the resulting photo album, his/her artistic sensibilities, and how well his/her dinner turned out on the day of your submission.  Said another way:  we may not post some or all of your submissions, and/or it may take a long time to post them.  Please do not take offense or take this as a snub - this is, like all OOPS "positions," is a volunteer job/labor of love done by a fallible human.
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