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Mayne Island Images and Information

You can paddle in the salt water of the Canadian Gulf Islands and be amazed at the sights and sounds of eagles and seals. The ferries traveling back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver BC almost brush as they pass each other in Active Pass. Only a day’s travel from Portland (about 10 hours including ferry), this is one of the most beautiful places for camping and paddling.

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2017 Mayne Island Annual Event

You can paddle in the salt water of the Canadian Gulf Islands and be amazed at the sights and sounds of eagles and seals. The ferries traveling back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver BC almost brush as they pass each other in Active Pass. Only a day’s travel from Portland, this is the most beautiful camping and paddling. Plus – a shower in a tree!

What: A six-day kayak Event located in the spectacular Canadian Gulf Islands, after a ferry ride from Vancouver BC area. Paddle trips will be scheduled Saturday-Tuesday.

When: June 9-14, 2017 (Friday-Wednesday)

Trips: None below Level 2, and they can be higher. The currents can be strong and some experience in moving water is needed. Please see our trip rating system and suggested skills. The water will be cold and active. All trip sign-ups will be done on-site.

Our volunteer on-site staff:

  • Event Manager [Kent Slawson]
  • Trips Coordinator [Greg Clopton]
  • Concierge [Amy Ream and Steve Getlein]

Event Team Headquarters will be established on-site. Just ask around when you get there!

Clothing on the water: The water is cold. Immersion protection is required – wetsuits or drysuits as specified by the Event Organizer and Trip Czar. Check for details later. Wet-Exit club certification is required to attend this event.

Meals: Bring your own food (see restrictions link below), stove etc., and plan on one or two potluck evenings and usually one restaurant evening (optional).

Accommodations and Cost: We have reserved two group areas (with parking for 10 vehicles) at Mayne Island Camping, 359 Maple Drive , Mayne Island, BC V0N2J0; Registration fee for the entire event (not per day) is $83. If you aren’t registering for our group camping, your Event registration fee is $15. See more detailed camping information below.

Weather: Rain is always a possibility in this region, but most years have been nice.

Time from Portland: About 10 hours including ferry.

We encourage you to reserve a spot on the ferry well in advance:

Special Considerations: Carpooling may be necessary for this trip as we are limited to 10 cars! Two people per car may be a minimum requirement for registering for this event. As a bonus, carpooling will also reduce your fuel and ferry costs. Our reserved campsites have limited tent spaces. If you aren’t hammock camping, you will need to bring the smallest tent in which can comfortably camp. Single campers will need to use a two-person tent or smaller. Two people sharing a tent cannot exceed a four-person tent. This is very important. Thank you for understanding. Mayne Island has a limited grocery store, liquor store, gas station, bakery, artisan shops, and several restaurants. You must have a passport; get it early.

How to sign up: On years when offered, go to the OOPS website Calendar, click on the Mayne Island event.

Campground Details:

Check-in begins at noon Friday, check-out by 11 a.m. Wednesday. Please be sure you have read “Special Considerations” above regarding carpooling and tent sizes. On arrival please find the OOPS Event Manager or check in at by the campground outdoor office located at the side of the main house next to the boat ramp. All sites are walk-in (between one and four-minute walk); and we cannot guarantee that any will be waterfront. Campsites will be shared. The Event Manager and/or other designated volunteer will do their best to suggest tent sites to allow for the most comfort of our entire group. Please be mindful of placing your tent in a way that will not minimize the overall use of the space for other campers.

Quiet by 11 p.m. Use eco-friendly soap for dishes and showering. Use water sparingly. The campground has an outdoor shower with hot water. It is very popular as it is raised and set in the trees with an opening to look out on the ocean. Please be aware of water usage and keep showers to 5 minutes or less. Many campers prefer to shower in bathing suits as the view works both ways!

Mayne Island does not have a landfill or garbage disposal. The campground prefers that you carry your own garbage off site, however if it is more convenient, there is a community member who will take garbage to Victoria for $5 a bag. Campground staff are happy to take your garbage and fee to him. The campground does take care of compost and recycling.

Campfires in the communal fire pit only; a fire ban may be in place. More information on that as we get closer to the Event date. No audible music is allowed in the campground.

Travel Details, including restrictions:

The island’s grocery store has limited selections and is more expensive than on the mainland. There is a Safeway in Tsawwassen (on 56th St. 1.3 miles south of Hwy. 17) that is well stocked and less expensive. For items that you can't bring over the border, a stop there on the way to the ferry is recommended; then supplement as needed from the island grocery store. The ATMs aren't always reliable, so plan to have a sufficient amount of cash.

What you bring into Canada from the US:

How to get to the campground (from their website):

Travel to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal near Delta, BC, south of Vancouver, BC.

Arrive at the Village Bay Ferry Terminal on Mayne Island (3km to the campground)

  1. Head up to the top of the Ferry Ramp
  2. Turn left onto Letour Rd
  3. Slight right onto Village Bay Rd
  4. Turn left onto Maple Dr
  5. Keep left to stay on Maple Dr
  6. Our driveway is an extension of Maple Dr taking you through the forest to the seashore

One More Thing: This event has some of the most scenic camping and boating of all the OOPS events. Don’t let the logistics of getting there put you off - contact the Event Manager to get helpful advice!

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