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Willamette Falls

  • October 21, 2016 7:19 AM
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    This is an amazing view if you have the skill to get up here - the second largest waterfall by flow in the United States, I think.  Launch from Clackamette Park or closer.   Watch out for lots of fishermen, their lines, and sea lions

    • Water Level (note that this area is tidal):
    • Water Flow Rate:
    • Paddling up on river left is calmest, river right has back eddies you can use.  Deep, except for some obvious rocks that are exposed at certain tides/flow levels.
    • You are not allowed to get closer to the falls than the line between the top building on either shore
    • Intermediate/advanced will have a lot of fun from 30-40,000 cfs.  Standing wave on river right at 35-40,000 cfs on slack to first 30 minutes of the ebb.
    • Stay away past 40,000 cfs.

    Notes from the two times I have been there:

    • 20,000 cfs:  Areas of strong current, boils, currents from multiple directions
    • 14,200 cfs:  Outfall from falls quite manageable, outflow from dam quite fast but manageable with skill
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