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Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative Volunteers needed

  • November 11, 2017 11:17 AM
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    Deleted user

    Hello OOPSters.

    Greetings from Garibaldi.

    The Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative is building kayaks for use in its educational programs. These are Pygmy Pinguino Sports are 13foot x 29inch recreational kayak with bulkheads & hatches.

    The project for me & several other OOPS members started with a week long class in October. The classes purpose was instruction in the stitch and glue method of construction as well as building the initial 5 kayaks. Susan Dinnini, Stacey Ozer, Mona Warner, and myself have been working diligently to complete the kayaks. We have been assisted by several coastal residents,Dave, Debbie, Alison, & Kristen Penner, the instigator, and we have been provided generous lodging at Denise Harrington’s residence. 

    Due to unexpected circumstances, I have inherited the lead on this project. I feel committed to completing these kayaks, yet I only have a week left before I am obligated by family & travel matters. So this is a plea for help.

    We need more people to help any number of days between Monday to Friday Nov 13 through 17.  

    Skills needed (will be taught as nesessary). Scraping, sanding, mixing epoxy, filling & gluing with thickened epxoy, applying fiberglass cloth & tape, sewing wire stitches, removing wire, drilling wood, making & fitting bulkheads, hatches, & combings and rigging the kayaks. All of these steps will be explained & taught if needed.

    Working conditions. The building is a 1930’s lifesaving boat house. It is located in Tillamook bay near the entrance to the jetties and about 250 meters from the shore. 

    It is cold & unheated so please wear layers. The epoxy can be a mess & so wear clothing that can be discarded. Safety gear: Dust masks and gloves are provided. Most hand tools are supplied. Tools needed: Long heavy duty (12 or 14 gauge) extension chords, a slow speed random orbital sander with 120 grit pads clamp on reflector lights, and a power strip. There are bathrooms and a kitchen. Lighting is mostly natural, so we will work from 9ish to 4ish as you have the time.

    Housing can be arranged for at Denise Harrington’s. Let me know as it seems I have also been appointed by Denise as House Captain.

    I hope to have several of these ready for a maiden voyage on Friday. So if you want bring your own kayak & we can do a short informal paddle around the Garibaldi Marina & perhaps (depending on tides) Miami Cove.

    Ryc Williamson 


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