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OOPS Documents

  • Activity Policies - how we plan, conduct, and complete trips plus trip requirements ( PDF, Word)
  • Trip Incident Report - what you need to fill out if something goes wrong (PDF, Word)
  • Guidelines for Reimbursements for Classes Taken Outside of OOPS (PDF, Word)
  • OOPS Infectious Disease Policy (PDF, Word)

OOPS Waivers:
  • Oregon Ocean Paddling Society Release of Claims and Assumption of Risk (PDF, Word)
    Use this document to record who actually took part in an OOPS Activity *and* to indicate their agreement to our Release of Claims and Assumption of Risk.  The parent/guardian of any minor must also sign this form on the minor's behalf.    This form should also be signed by any Guest that is allowed to take part in an OOPS Activity at the discretion of the Board (per the OOPS Activity Polices - see above).

Wet Exit Policy:

    We require that all participants on Level 2 and above paddles wear a spray skirt. Wet Exit Certification will not be conducted using a boat with a loosely-fitting spray skirt or spray deck. The purpose of this Certification is to ensure that the paddler can escape a capsized boat when wearing an elastic spray skirt, nylon or neoprene, which is properly and tightly fitted to the boat and paddler.  An example of a spray skirt that is not acceptable for a wet exit certification is one where Velcro is used to fit the spray skirt to the paddler. Paddlers with equipment that does not allow for wearing an elastic spray skirt properly and tightly fitted to the boat and paddler will be asked to certify in a loaner boat with such equipment (like they might use if bringing a rental or a friend’s fiberglass boat on an OOPS trip).

    Level 1 paddles can be done without wet exit certification, but only if the paddler does NOT wear a spray skirt.  To that end, the following document (PDF, Word) includes:       

    ·        What participants need to be able to do to become wet-exit certified     

    ·        The criteria and expectations of Wet Exit Certifiers

    Contact Safety to find someone to wet-exit certify you, or if your wet exit information is not correct.

    Useful Information:

    • OOPS Trip Rating System - our rating system, and recommended skills.  Note that the rating may actually be higher if multiple "level-X" conditions combine in the wrong way.
    • Skills Pyramid - suggested skills needed for various types of paddling
    • Strokes Rubric - a form to help you evaluate your paddling skills
    • Personal Paddler Profile - ideas on what skills to work on next
    • Repair Kit Ideas - just that, ideas
    • OOPS First Aid Kit Content (PDF, Word)- Every official trip/class/event should have this kit for up to 12 paddlers 
    • OOPS First Aid Kit Explained (PDF, Word) 
    Organizer/Trip Planning Resources:
    Organizational documents:

    Book and Video Library:
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