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  • Willamette Falls skill building 7/11 - L2

Willamette Falls skill building 7/11 - L2

  • July 11, 2024
  • 6:00 PM
  • Sportcraft Landing Boat ramp
  • 3


  • Active club members with wet exit certification, including kayaking professional and lifetime. Provisional acceptance pending approval by the trip organizer.
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Full Name: Steve Blackwood
Narrative: Join Wendy Luo and Steve Blackwood for an evening of skills practice and end excitement of paddling up to the Willamette Falls. We will start off the evening with a skill practice of bracing, high, low and sculling. After that we will do assisted rescues. We will then have a brief discussion on how to paddle in swift water and then paddle up to the falls. This is a challenge by choice so you can make the decision on how much you want to take on. It is a chance for you to try something new in a safe environment.

Because the water and air are warm no emersion wear is required. It will be evening so if you tend to get cool, please wear something that will keep you warm like a farmer john or dry suit we will all swim. PFD, Helmet, and spray skirt are required.
Meeting Time: 6:00:00 PM
Launch Time: 6:30:00 PM
Type of activity: Paddle Trip
Put in: Sportcraft Landing Boat ramp.
Take out: Same
Route Alternative for bad weather: none
Required equipment: Helmet
Minimum Immersion protection: None
Primary Organizer: Steve Blackwood
Co-Organizer(s): Wendy Luo
Has organizer paddled here before? Yes
Has organizer led an OOPS paddle here before? Yes
Organizer's first aid and CPR current? Yes
First Aid /CPR Person:
Maximum number of paddlers: 8
I certify that I understand and will conduct this activity in accordance with the OOPS Activity Policy: Yes
Estimated Air Temperature: 70es
Estimated Water Temperature: 70
Estimated Water Time (including breaks/lunch): 3
Tide times & heights: Thu Low 4:40 pm 0.46 ft
Thu High 10:00 pm 2.58 ft
Current information: 3 kts +
Wind strength: Level 1: 0-7 knots (8 mph)
Swell/Surf size: Level 2: Waves up to 2', no breaking waves
Sea state: Level 2: Waves up to armpit; light to moderate chop, scattered whitecaps
Landing types: Level 2: Frequent landing opportunities including docks or moderate sloping banks, brush or overhanging trees
Currents: Level 3: Up to 4 knots: paddlers must sprint to move forward
Total distance: Level 1: Up to 6 miles
Open crossing: Level 1: Less than 0.5 miles
Paddling Environment:
Overall rating: Level 2
Rating Comments: Challenge by choice.
Photos (Optional):
COVID-19 Status of Trip: Participants of this trip may, or may not, be vaccinated for Covid-19
Tide Station: Morrison Street Bridge
Link to map of route (Optional)
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