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  • Orcas Island 2024 Event

Orcas Island 2024 Event

  • August 22, 2024
  • August 26, 2024
  • Orcas Island, Washington - West Beach Resort

Orcas Island, Washington

August 22 - 26, 2024

West Beach Resort

Paddling days Aug 23, 24, 25th

General registration will open 3-4 months prior to the event

TOs approved by the Trips Coordinator will be able to register earlier.

This event takes place in the lovely and always popular San Juan Islands on Orcas Island, Washington. We are camping at West Beach Resort, which has a store, restrooms, free showers, a hot tub, ice cream, a beachside bar, and its famous beachside campfire and popcorn. Daytime temperatures range in the high 60s, and it gets into the 50s at night. Ferry reservations are necessary - see url below.

Paddles to and around nearby islands provide plenty of opportunities to work with currents. The popular destination of Jones Island takes you through passes and around small islands to a pretty island park with a resident deer herd, sandy beaches, and trails through madrona groves and meadows. Or paddle to the more isolated and protected Yellow Island, owned by The Nature Conservancy, and home to amazing wildflowers and frolicking seals, and hike around it for a 360-degree view of the San Juans. Take a trip to the many bays and islets of the horseshoe shaped Sucia Island and gaze at the interesting geology and strange rock formations. Paddles from Orcas give you a chance to see jellyfish, seals, and perhaps its namesake whale. Visit Mt. Constitution, rising above Orcas half a mile high, with its fantastic vistas of other San Juan Islands and Mt. Baker in the Cascades. Orcas has excellent pubs, wineries, restaurants, and shops, as well as the oldest pottery studio in the northwest.

Please read this section before registering.

What are the Registration Categories all about? 

Basically they indicate two things: 

 1. What role you have - Event staff, TO or general membership

 2. Where you are sleeping? 

 “On Site” indicates staying in a shared campsite that OOPS has reserved in advance. Often limited availability.

  “Off-Site” indicates you will book your own accommodations. 

Here are the Categories: You’ll choose one (and only one!)

1. Event Staff (Event Manager, Trips Coordinator, Assistant Event Manager/Concierge)

2. Approved Trip Organizer: On-Site - staying in OOPS Reserved shared campsite

3. Approved Trip Organizer: Off-Site - finding own accommodations

4. General Members On-Site - staying in OOPS Reserved shared


5. General Members - Off-Site - booking own accommodations. Sleep in a real bed! Have access to a shower!

What do the fees cover?

 The On-Site - OOPS Reserved Shared Campsite” fee includes a shared campsite, parking and event supplies for one member. Spouse/partner also needs to register in this category (whether or not they are paddling).

The Off-Site - Book own accommodations” fee covers event supplies. It DOES NOT cover camping.  A non-member, non-paddling travel partner does not need to register.

Who needs to complete the registration form?

- Everyone paddling must register.

- Everyone camping in OOPS shared site must register (partners/spouses too).

Who doesn't need to register?

A non-paddling partner/spouse staying "off-site" does not need to register.

I'm not a member. Can I register?

Non-members are welcome to make their own lodging reservations and join group social activities but will not be allowed to participate in OOPS paddles unless pre-approved by the Trips Coordinator. Better yet, become a member!!

Waitlist:  If an event registration category is sold out, please use the waitlist option to be placed in the queue for a possible opening (button not available if using your phone to register).  You do not need to pay the registration fee to join the waitlist; you will only pay if you're notified there is an opening AND you complete the registration.

You must be a paid-up member of OOPS and be wet-exit/re-entry certified to paddle at this event. Level 1 trips (when available) do not require wet exit certification. Please review the Trip Level Criteria/Rating System on the OOPS website:

Special requests:  We can’t accommodate special requests for campsites, ex. non-snoring camp partner.  If you have special needs, please use the off-site registration category and procure your own campsite or lodging. 

RVs or trailers:  RVs and trailers are subject to approval. Please contact the OOPS event manager with the height and length of your RV or Trailer, including all attachments (such as tongue, propane shelf, side popouts).  Requests will be submitted to the park manager and we will get back to you.  If you want to guarantee that you will be able to use your RV or trailer, please use the off-site registration category and arrange for your own campsite/lodging.

How do I sign up for the event paddles? TOs will post trips on the OOPS website in the weeks leading up to the event so you can check out the routes and get charts if you’re so inclined. Actual sign up will take place the evening before at the designated meeting site. TOs will describe their trips and answer questions and then the rush to the clipboards commences! Trips are subject to change due to weather, etc.

Immersion protection may be required, pending water temperature/conditions. See the club website under Resources/OOPS Documents/Activity Policies and scroll down to Cold Water Protective Clothing. Please come prepared.

OOPS Cancellation Policy:  A full refund will be allowed for cancellations up to 4 weeks before the event begins. After that, refunds will be not be provided except in cases of emergency.  Registration is closed 2 weeks before the event.  To cancel please notify the Event Manager. 

Watch for future emails from the Event Staff about paddles, potlucks, classes, hikes, and other possible social events. Sign ups for daily paddles will take place at the on-site group meetings each evening.

Your Volunteer Staff:

Event Manager: Janell Niemann-Ross,

Trips Coordinator: Fred Harsman,

Assistant Event Manager: Teresa George,

Ferries and Map:


Nautical charts, if applicable:

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