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Waldo Lake Event

  • August 14, 2022
  • August 17, 2022
  • Shadow Bay Campground, Willamette National Forest, Oregon


  • (includes all OOPS event and camping expenses for one member)
  • (Event Manager, Trip Czar, and Assistant Event Manager only)
  • (you must be confirmed by Trip Czar, including TO partners; not for general registration)


General registration will open Friday, April 22, 2022 at 11:45pm.   Trip Organizers who have been approved to lead trips for the Event will be able to register earlier.

Our fourth Annual Event in 2022 is at the splendid and pristine Waldo Lake, Oregon, on August 14-17, 2022, Sunday-Wednesday (3 nights), paddling on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Paddles are level 2-3, although conditions can change quickly because of wind. There are no level 1 paddles. We are camping at Shadow Bay in the Willamette National Forest. Shadow Bay has composting toilets and no showers, and we may need to bring our own potable water, which sometimes runs out later in the summer. Air temperatures average in the high 70s but can get very warm in the day and drop to low 40s at night. The deeper water of Waldo Lake is 39 degrees F year-round, and the surface water stays cool, at around 59-64 degrees F, so appropriate immersion wear is required.

This sapphire lake is mesmerizing, a recreational gem in a uniquely peaceful setting of remote shorelines surrounded by forests of Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock with views of Cascade peaks. Waldo Lake is one of the purest lakes in the world, and on a calm day you can see through the clear blue water to depths of 120 feet. Paddlers may look forward to a variety of experiences here with Waldo's fascinating islands, many coves, and both natural and man-made ruins to explore. Watch your own shadow under you along with the shadows of the rippling water as you paddle. Relax in the warm water lapping the sandy beach in one of the shallow coves. A short walk near the headwaters of the Willamette is recommended. Explore Klovdahl Bay with its strange concrete tunnel. Visit Rhododendron Island. Paddle to Red Beach. Glide past the ghostly spires left by the Charlton Fire. Best of all, Waldo offers a serene paddling experience because no gas-powered boats are allowed, and electric-powered boats must remain under 10mph.

Please note that Level 1 trips cannot be guaranteed. 

Waitlist:  If an event registration category is sold out, please use the waitlist option to be placed in the queue for possible registration.  You do not need to pay the registration fee to join the waitlist; you will only pay it if you complete the registration process once you're notified that there is an opening.

Special requests:  We can’t accommodate special requests for campsite, ex. non-snoring camp partner.  If you have special needs, please use the off-site registration category.  Remember, you can still be at the same campground if you want to be.  You just need to procure your own specific campsite.  

RVs or trailers:  Not all events are able to accommodate RVs or trailers.  When we can, the campsite still needs to be shared with a tent camper.  Your trailer should be a maximum of 18' in length.  If you want to guarantee that you will be able to use your RV or trailer, please use the off-site registration category.  Remember, you can still be at the same campground if you want to be.  You just need to procure your own specific campsite.  

Covid vaccine notification:  TOs are empowered by the Board to choose whether to allow unvaccinated people on their trips at the event, just as they presently are on daily trips. This notification is part of the trip description TOs will provide at the event.

Your volunteer on-site staff:

Event Manager: Eva LaMar lotus72@icloud.com

Trips: Michael Kipley mkipley@me.com

Assistant Event Manager: Tom Waldron t.wal@frontier.com

Additional information:  

You will find event information on the OOPS website in the Activities Section:  Annual Events.  Find the event, click on the link, then scroll until you find the current year.

Oregon Ocean Paddling Society - Waldo Lake Images and Information (wildapricot.org)

The Fine Print:

1) EVERY PERSON, including Trip Organizers and On-site staff, must fully complete this electronic registration. 

2) Registration fees for this Event are inclusive and cover all days of camping, any additional extra vehicle fee, and other Event expenses, including firewood for group gatherings when fires are allowed, and staff and trip supplies.

3) OOPS Cancellation Policy:  For all pre-paid events (except pool sessions) cancellations will be allowed a full refund up to within 4 weeks before the beginning of the event.  After that, refunds will be provided if, and only if, we are able to find a replacement. Cancellations are done through the Event Manager only.  Thank you.  Refunds may occur after the event is complete.

4) You must be a paid-up member of OOPS to paddle at this event, and you must be wet-exit certified prior to attending the event unless you participate in only Level 1 trips (when available) and you are NOT wearing a sprayskirt. Non-members are welcome but will not be allowed to participate in OOPS paddling trips unless pre-approved to do so. Please be certain to review the Trip Level criteria on the OOPS website if you have any questions: OOPS Rating system:  https://oregonoceanpaddlingsociety.wildapricot.org/Trip-Rating-System

5) Watch for future emails from the Event Staff about paddle trips, campfire meetings, classes, hikes, and other group activities.

6) Immersion protection may be required, pending water temperature/conditions. See the club website under Resources/OOPS Documents/Activity Policies and scroll down to section Q, Cold Water Protective Clothing. Please be prepared.

7) Registration Categories. You will only choose ONE.

  • OOPS Camp Site, shared  (includes all OOPS event and camping expenses for one member; trailer or RV need pre-approval)
  • OOPS Member Off-site accommodation (for OOPS members not using OOPS' campsite; a non-member non-paddling travel partner does not need to register)
  • Staff – Event Staff Only (Event Manager, Trip Czar, and Assistant Event Manager)
  • Trip Organizer (confirmed by Trip Czar prior to registration)
  • Trip Organizer Off-site (confirmed by Trip Czar prior to registration; a non-member non-paddling travel partner does not need to register)
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