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  • L2 Paddle Sunshine Coast - Pender Harbour South including Bargain Bay and Francis Peninsula

L2 Paddle Sunshine Coast - Pender Harbour South including Bargain Bay and Francis Peninsula

  • July 20, 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Registration for Event Trips is done at the event.  Wet Exit Certification Required.  Your acceptance is conditional on approval by the Organizer, who may ask questions about your skills and equipment.  If the measured water temperature is different enough from that listed below to warrant a change in required immersion protection, the Organizer will communicate change to all participants before the trip. 

Narrative: We’ll visit Pender Harbour, sometimes called the “Venice of the Pacific,” because it’s often easier to travel between destinations by boat than by car. I don’t think it resembles Venice in any other way! We’ll take at least two breaks, one at Francis Point Provincial Park and one at Baker Beach Park. I’m hopeful that there is a bathroom at Baker Beach; I’m certain there won’t be at Francis Point.

Route: Launch from Madeira Park boat launch, with all the modern amenities of an urban boat launch. Proceed west and then south through Bargain Narrows to Bargain Bay with the outgoing tide. Bargain Narrows dries at low tide (about 2.1 ft.), so we will have adequate tide, and we’re paddling with the current. Continue south along the mainland shoreline about two miles to circumnavigate tiny Harness Island. Return north to Baker Beach on the southeast corner of Francis Peninsula for a break, about five miles into the trip. Leaving “civilization” behind, we’ll continue clockwise around Francis Peninsula, stopping at Francis Point Provincial Park if conditions allow. Take out at Madeira Park. This trip could be done in reverse order depending on the wind forecast. 10-12 miles total trip.

We will discuss minimum immersion gear at the Sunshine Coast Event.

Launch and takeout at Madeira Park boat launch. From Hwy 101, turn off at the sign for Madeira Park, drive past the shopping center, and then turn right. The launch ramp is about 100 yards ahead. [This may be outdated driving directions.] Government Wharf: The Madeira Park government floats provide over 400 metres of moorage space and are only a brief walk from ‘downtown’.

Tide (Pender Harbour):
Sat. July 20
7:24 a.m. 11 ft.
2:37 p.m. 2.4 ft.
10:12 p.m. 13.9 ft.

Meeting Time: 9:00:00 AM
Launch Time: 9:45:00 AM
Type of activity: Paddle Trip
Put in: Madeira Park boat launch
Take out: Madeira Park boat launch
Route Alternative for bad weather: Paddle the interior of Pender Harbor without going around Beaver Island. 10 miles with a stop for ice cream.
Required equipment: Towline
Minimum Immersion protection: None
Primary Organizer: Chris Mayou
Assistant Organizer(s): TBD
Has organizer paddled here before? No
Has organizer led an OOPS paddle here before? No
Organizer's first aid and CPR current? Yes
First Aid /CPR Person: 
Maximum number of paddlers: TBD at Event based on TO availability
I certify that I understand and will conduct this activity in accordance with the OOPS Activity Policy: Yes
Estimated Air Temperature: 70 F.
Estimated Water Temperature: 65 F.
Estimated Water Time (including breaks/lunch): 6-7 hours
Tide times & heights: Tide (Pender Harbour):
Sat. July 20
7:24 a.m. 11 ft.
2:37 p.m. 2.4 ft.
10:12 p.m. 13.9 ft.
Current information: Minimal.
Wind strength: Level 2: 7-12 knots (14 mph) – wind noticeably effects movement of paddle
Swell/Surf size: Level 1: Under 1' waves, no breaking waves
Sea state: Level 1: Waves up to the deck seam; water glassy to rippled, no whitecaps
Landing types: Level 2: Frequent landing opportunities including docks or moderate sloping banks, brush or overhanging trees
Currents: Level 1: None or mild (less than 1 knot)
Total distance: Level 2: 6 to 11 miles
Open crossing: Level 1: No open crossing
Paddling Environment: 
Overall rating: Level 2
Rating Comments: 
Location (Optional): Address for Harbour Authority of Pender Harbour (so, if not here, nearby): 12967 Madeira Park Rd, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0, Canada

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