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  • Level 1 Paddle - Smith and Bybee Wildlife Hunt

Level 1 Paddle - Smith and Bybee Wildlife Hunt

  • March 19, 2019
  • 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Smith & Bybee put-in (45.612742, -122.713996)
  • 4


  • Active club members, including kayaking professional and lifetime. Provisional acceptance, pending approval by the trip organizer

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This trip is limited to members with a wet exit certification (except for level 1 trips when the paddler is not using a spray skirt).  To successfully register you will need to sign into your OOPS member account, and your account will need to be a member of the "Wet Exit Certified" group, if you intend to wear a spray skirt.  Your acceptance is conditional on approval by the Organizer, who may contact you with questions about your skills and equipment.  If the measured water temperature is different enough from that listed below to warrant a change in required immersion protection, the Organizer will contact all participants and the Trips Board member with the update at least a day before the trip.

Narrative: An afternoon paddle to take advantage of warm afternoon temperatures. Predicted low wind and partial cloud cover will enhance photo opportunities. Smith and Bybee Lakes offer excellent wildlife observation opportunities. The paddling is easy, the distances short. Bring binoculars and cameras. Take your most stable boat if you intend photography - speed isn't the thing in these shallow waters. Beaver dens in various states of repair and abundant bird life make this accessible trip rewarding.
We'll meet at the boat ramp at 1:00 and put in at 1:30. The put-in may allow only one boat at a time through the brush, so we can be cooperative and patient. We'll paddle across Smith Lake to the old beaver den on the far side, then explore the shore on the north side, probing the brush to find the entrance to the passage between the two lakes, a beautiful area. Once in Bybee Lake, we'll paddle to the peninsula with a blue heron rookery, then work our way around Bybee until we decide to return.
Landings typically are protected by dense shoreside brush. At the far end of Bybee, there is difficult access to the bike trail. I don't plan on landing but we can use this area for a pit stop.
If there is interest, I'd welcome another organizer to expand the trip.
Meeting Time: 1:00:00 PM
Launch Time: 1:30:00 PM
Type of activity: Paddle Trip
Put in: Smith & Bybee put-in (45.612742, -122.713996)
Take out: Same
Route Alternative for bad weather: Steady rain cancels the event
Required equipment: 
Minimum Immersion protection: Full wet suit
Primary Organizer: Michael Cenedella
Assistant Organizer(s): 
Has organizer paddled here before? Yes
Has organizer led an OOPS paddle here before? Yes
Organizer's first aid and CPR current? Yes
First Aid /CPR Person: Mike Cenedella
Maximum number of paddlers: 6
I certify that I understand and will conduct this activity in accordance with the OOPS Activity Policy: Yes
Estimated Air Temperature: 68
Estimated Water Temperature: 50
Estimated Water Time (including breaks/lunch): 4 hours
Tide times & heights: NA, controlled by Metro
Current information: NA, small shallow lake
Wind strength: Level 1: 0-7 knots (8 mph)
Swell/Surf size: Level 1: Under 1' waves, no breaking waves
Sea state: Level 1: Waves up to the deck seam; water glassy to rippled, no whitecaps
Landing types: Level 2: Frequent landing opportunities including docks or moderate sloping banks, brush or overhanging trees
Currents: Level 1: None or mild (less than 1 knot)
Total distance: Level 1: Up to 6 miles
Open crossing: Level 1: No open crossing
Paddling Environment: 
Overall rating: Level 1
Rating Comments: In wind, level 2 conditions are possible here.
Location (Optional): 45.612742, -122.713996

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