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  • Level 2 - Miller Peninsula Escparpment

Level 2 - Miller Peninsula Escparpment

  • June 09, 2018
  • 9:45 AM - 3:15 PM
  • John Wayne Marina
  • 6


  • Active club members, including kayaking professional and lifetime. Provisional acceptance, pending approval by the trip organizer

This trip is limited to OOPS members who are WEC.   As with all trips & classes at Events, registration will take place at the HQ campsite.
Narrative: This trip is an appreciation of Ryc Williamson, his personality, his music, and his contributions to the club. Ryc came on the first trip I led here, and ended up towing me when I became exhausted. Ryc, you're a wonderful guy!
The Miller Peninsula lies between Sequim and Gardner Bays. The entire length is a sedimentary escarpment, broken occasionally by narrow, steep streams. The Peninsula is uninhabited, the entire coast wide. Local mountain bikers use the Peninsula extensively and a few four wheelers reach the shore from dirt roads near the streams. The peninsula is sheltered by projecting headlands to the east and west.
We'll leave Camp at 8:30 for the 45 minute drive to the Gardner Bay boat ramp (free, pit toilet), drop off return vehicles, then go to John Wayne Marina on the west side of Sequim Bay. A free beach launch is available at the south parking lot.
With a put in at shortly past 10 o'clock, we'll paddle through the opening in the sand spit and work our way east with a boost from the current. There will be a shingle beach at the base of the escarpment so pitstops should be easy. Checking frequently for wildlife on the escarpment in the water or out to sea, we'll follow the coast until we come to an abandoned shelter near the Gardner Bay entrance. We'll stop there for lunch. From there, if time and our party allow, we can paddle to within 200 yards of Protection Island. If not, we'll continue to follow the escarpment and turn into Gardener Bay. A bit more than a mile south is the Gardner boat ramp, where we'll take out.
For those of you into gardening, lavender and other local products, the gardener Store is an attraction.
Meeting Time: 9:45:00 AM
Launch Time: 10:15:00 AM

Type of activity: Paddle Trip
Put in: John Wayne Marina
Take out: Gardiner Bay county ramp
Route Alternative for bad weather: Sequim or Discovery Bay
Required equipment: 
Minimum Immersion protection: Full Wetsuit
Primary Organizer: Mike Cenedella
Assistant Organizer(s): TBA
Has organizer paddled here before? Yes
Has organizer led an OOPS paddle here before? Yes
Organizer's first aid and CPR current? Yes
First Aid /CPR Person: Mike Cenedella
Maximum number of paddlers: 6
I certify that I understand and will conduct this activity in accordance with the OOPS Activity Policy: Yes
Estimated Air Temperature: 70
Estimated Water Temperature: 50
Estimated Water Time (including breaks/lunch): 5 hours
Tide times & heights: Sequim: L 8:05 1.5 ft H 3:25 5.1ft, Gardiner: L 7:41 1.5 FT H 13:59 5.1 ft.
Current information: Kamen Pt: Ebb: 6:12, 1.4 mph, Sl: CA. 11, flood 1:06 0.4 MPH, Sl: Ca 4:00
Wind strength: Level 2: 7-12 knots (14 mph) – wind noticeably effects movement of paddle
Swell/Surf size: Level 2: Waves up to 2', no breaking waves
Sea state: Level 2: Waves up to armpit; light to moderate chop, scattered whitecaps
Landing types: Level 3: Bad footing, rocky shores, or surf up to 1.5'
Currents: Level 2: Mild currents (up to 2 knots): current increases / decreases group speed by half
Total distance: Level 2: 6 to 11 miles
Open crossing: Level 1: No open crossing
Paddling Environment: 
Overall rating: Level 2
Rating Comments: Conditions the two times I've paddled this route were approximately as described. However, level III conditions are entirely possible.

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