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Ropes and Knots with Mike Cenedella

  • January 10, 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • Mike's House

NOTE:  This class is limited to OOPS members.

This year, I am able to offer the class on any weeknight. You may sign up as far ahead of time as you wish; I will confirm with you when you email me and again as the time approaches. Sign up by only emailing me directly at ropes12@comcast.net and be sure to specify the date you want and the number of students and the number of books you want (Couples need only 1.)
In the class, you will learn about how rope and line is constructed and the materials from which they are made and how these affect choices in picking line for kayaking or any kind of camping. You’ll learn several knots, including the seven that I regard as essential and sufficient for just about any kayak or car camping situation. You’ll learn how to care for your lines and how to store them.
I can take up to 12 students at a time at my house. Classes begin at 7 o’clock and are usually done about 9:30. None has taken as long as 10 o’clock.
Participants receive a booklet covering the course curriculum, including illustrated directions for the knots and links to an online animation. You also receive two different -colored six-foot lines to practice with. If you don’t practice, it’s not worth taking the course! The class costs $6 for materials and printing. Try to bring exact change, and I’ll try to have lotsa singles.
I am a professional technical writer, a competent photographer, so the booklet is not an amateur production.
If you work weeknights and need a weekend appointment, please email me.
Further classes are possible, based on demand.  Hope to see you there!

To sign up for this class, please contact Mike directly at ropes12@comcast.net

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