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Dangerous Launches

Documented here are launches the paddling community recommend that you avoid for safety reasons

Knappa Docks

There are many lovely places to paddling in the Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge.  Once nice place to visit is Karlson Island, easily accessible from Knappa Dock Road.   When you get there, you have three choices:  launch from the straight dock, from steep cobble beech just upstream from the dock via a path from the road, or the L-shaped dock.   This last dock is private property, so avoid it.  Do not use the straight dock!   For a number of reasons:

  • The dock is falling apart
  • At the tide levels when you would want to launch, there are strong currents which can pull you under the dock and drown you.  The dock has already claimed at least two lives.

Here is the dock at at low tide.  You do not want to be caught under this!!!   These paddlers are launching the smart way.

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