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About Me

My name is Shawn Altman. Friends call me Saltman.

Started padding when I was in my teens around Bar Harbor, ME where I grew up. At 21 years old I obtained my Professional Maine Guides/Instructor License for Sea Kayak and Camping. Was lead guide/instructor for AquaTerra Adventures in Bar Harbor, ME. During my tenure I took thousands of people out from all over the world due to the tourism. I obtained my ACA L4 Open Ocean and Old 3* BCU in my early to mid 20's. Eventually I moved to Portland, OR to continue my education at University. While I went back to school, to be a computer nerd, I worked at Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe for 4 years. Lead several San Jaun Island Trips, assisted or led Full Immersion Classes - sea and ww, roll instruction, etc. I obtained the new BCU 3*, nav, and rescue during this time. Currently, I enjoy kayak surfing and class iii+ white water (occasional iv feature).

Here is my video log: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKhq4dd9w_1XW1tAFj9Ni5A
Year I Started Paddling
Kayak Models and Serial Numbers
CD Prana red over white serial: TBD

NDK/NDD Greenlander PRO Blue over White Serial: TBD
Notable Kayak Classes Attended
2001 (Instructor training)Maine Guide Instructor Course - also assisted teaching + 4 years.
2002-2010 (Instructor) Taught Rescue Courses
2003 (Instructor training) ACA Level IDW/ICE
2005 (Instructor training) University of Maine - Maine Bound Out Door Center, Kayak instructor -- WW and Sea. Hands on 4 days training while camping.
2007-2010 (Instructor) Taught Rolling Alder Creek
2007-2010 (Instructor) Taught Basic skills class Alder Creek
2010 (Instructor) Taught 1st Navigation Fundamentals class Alder Creek
2010 (Instructor) Alder Creek Full Immersion I & II Sea Courses
2010 BCU Navigation & Tidal Planning Course
2016 - (student) Alder Creek Full Immersion i & ii White Water.
Favorite Kayak Trips
San Jaun Islands - Any where
Most fav trip: Orcas to Sucia > Patos > West side or Waldron to Jones > Orcas
Paddling RidgeField
Deer Is Stonington, Maine
Porcupine Islands, Bar Harbor, Maine
WW - Lower Hood River class iii
BCU/ACA Certification Levels and Dates
ACA L4 2003 - 2006 expired; BCU3* (OLD 2004, NEW 2008); BCU Canoe Saftey 2007, 2009; BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning 2010
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