About our Club, Policies, and History

Volunteer Organization

We offer high quality trips and classes to all levels of paddlers.  We are vigilant in Safety.  We have fun paddling the ocean, rivers, and lakes.  We are good stewards of our paddling environment.  We owe a great debt to our volunteer Board of Directors (you can find out who is on the board and how to contact them at the "Contact OOPS" page) and our magnificent volunteer trip leaders.

You can help!  Please consider volunteering your time to assist other OOPS members with club activities, events, and opportunities throughout the year.


We value safety above all else.  Don't do anything that doesn't seem safe to you.  Within those constraints, please cooperate with your trip leader as much as possible. 

Please become familiar with our Activity and Wet Exit polices, found on our documentation page , before you head out (OOPS has limits on the number of participants on our trips, and requires that all participants be able to safely wet-exit and assist in their own rescue).

OOPS Listserve and Facebook Policies:  It is inappropriate to post anything directly critical of a club member to the Listserve or on Facebook. Any issues about any individual’s conduct should be directed to the board for appropriate action.

Other Posting rules:

  1. Please limit posts to things that are related to OOPS events OR may be of interest to OOPS members that are KAYAKING RELATED.
  2. Commercial posts are allowed but must be limited to kayaking, and no more than 2 per month per person. Classes by OOPS affiliated retailers are welcome, but please limit posts to one for each event/sale. If in doubt whether a commercial post is appropriate, contact one of the Admins and ask BEFORE posting.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL POSTS OR DEROGATORY COMMENTS OF A POLITICAL NATURE! We have members that run the gamut of political views and affiliations. Our common interest is in kayaking, and we intend to keep communications specific to that interest. Any political posts/comments will be deleted and the offending person will be warned. Any further offenses by that person and they will be blocked from this group.
  4. Trolling/personal attacks will result in the offending post being removed, and a warning to the poster. Further infractions will result in the offending person being blocked.
  5. (Facebook-specific - the Listserve is open only to members) Non-OOPS people are welcome to join this group. People who live out of this area are welcome, but please remember that this group is OOPS specific in it's content. For anyone living out of the OOPS area (NW Oregon/SW Washington) this can be a place to gain valuable local knowledge of this area in preparation for a visit, and questions to the OOPS membership are welcome.

The Listserve and Facebook group are actively moderated, and the admins work hard to maintain them as places that fit the above criteria.


OOPS was founded in 1983 by two couples leading  trips each month and mailing out a calendar.  A print newsletter called The Gam was once a highlight of membership.  We incorporated as a nonprofit in 1997 and now have around 400 members.
    Find out more about our history here
    You can find most back-issues of the GAM here

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