OOPS Trip Organizer Checklist

County Risk Assessments for Oregon  and Washington

Document version of this checklist:   Word, PDF

Trip Planning / Launch Site

  1. Please do not register for or attend paddle(s) if you have been sick or exposed to someone who has been sick within 14 days. This applies to any type of illness: flu, cold, etc.
  2. Round trips only, no shuttles. Also, avoid carpooling.
  3. Currently ONE pod of 6 paddlers (TO plus 5 members) per trip.
  4. Pick lunch/rest break locations large enough for all 6 people to space properly.
  5. Face masks are to be worn at the put-in, during safety talk, and at take-out. It's OK to help people carry boats, but maintain proper distancing. Recommend face masks and hand sanitizer before and after.
  6. Please be aware of and responsible for social distancing both on and off the water.
    • Do not gather in groups very long before & after paddles.
  7. If any planned venue is more crowded than expected and the TO decides it is not safe for the group, they are encouraged to move to another suitable location or postpone (e.g. have a Plan B location prepared).
  8. The Board suggests that most trips begin and end early in the day in order to avoid potential crowds, particularly on the weekends.
  9. Please continue to support and help each other best we can.

Registering for an OOPS day trip and paddling protocols

  1. Strive to make this a digital transaction – all digital forms sent to Trips Coordinator (trips@oopskayak.org)
    • Best case:  T.O. sends members an email address to use in filling out the Docusign Waiver. T.O. will automatically receive a copy of member’s waiver at that email address. T.O. saves these waivers to ensure that there is one for every attendee.
    • Second best:  The T.O. brings extra forms that can be signed at the put-in for registrants that did not use Docusign. Registrant or T.O. takes picture of the signed form and sends it to themselves, the T.O., and the Trips Director.
  2. At put-in, everyone can assist with boat carry, but wear masks and maintain proper distancing. It is recommended that members wear face masks and sanitize hands before and after providing assistance.
  3. Remind registrants to bring their own personal hygiene & PPE:
    • Masks, hand sanitizer, toiletries, etc. Tip: store mask in zip lock in PFD.
  4. Share with group:
    • Do not share food and beverages during the trips unless in an emergency
    • Face masks are required at the put-in, during safety briefings, and at take-out.
    • Face masks are optional while paddling. If worn, we recommend a medical mask, Neck Gaiter (w/ pm2.5 filter idea), cotton mask, bandana, etc.
  5. Rescues
    • Discontinue practice rescues until Oregon’s full opening
    • In the event of a rescue, encourage members to perform a self-rescue if possible or provide light support at bow or stern.
    • Rescuer should wear a face mask during a rescue, i.e. medical mask, Neck Gaiter (preferably w/ pm2.5 filter), cotton mask, bandana, etc.
    • Swimmers are encouraged to face away from the rescuer while breathing, and not to wear a mask unless comfortable doing so.
    • After rescue, consider washing off the rescued area with splashing, bilge pump, etc.
  6. During lunch and breaks, maintain proper distancing. 
    • Wear masks when not eating.
  7. Please be aware of physical distancing both on and off the water.

Revision: February 21, 2021 – Joe Howell, Bob Freshman, Charles Congdon

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