Experience with Yakima ShowDown?

  • April 11, 2019 11:42 AM
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    Hi all,

    Anyone have experience to share with Yakima ShowDown racks?  I know that they don't have the gas assist like the Hullavator, but I'm considering these because they are so much lighter, and would keep me under the weight limit of my roof rack when carrying two boats (165lbs max).

    • Showdown is 21lbs (21 x 2 + two 50lb boats = 142lbs total)
    • Hullavator is 39.7lbs (39.7 x 2 + two 50lb boats = 179.4lbs total)

    Please let me know your thoughts on quality, durability, ease of loading, whatever.

    Thanks, Jon

  • April 12, 2019 7:56 AM
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    Hi Jon,

    I've had the Showdown since it first came out. In general, I find it to work fine for me, not a problem that it does not have the gas assist. However, some female friends of smaller stature seem to have problems when they tried it and likely would not go this route. I would suggest that you try the rack on a vehicle that has a similar height to the one you use and have a boat to load as well, I have a Subaru Outback. I did make a couple of modifications, adding some additional padding to the cradles and support bars, what came with the rack was not adequate in my opinion. If you are ever on a paddle with me, you are welcome to try it and see what you think.

    Hope this was of some help.






  • April 20, 2019 10:37 AM
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    Thanks Bob!  Very helpful.


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